Milwaukee Chamber Theatre
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2012-13 MCT Friends (as of November 2, 2012)

Friend for Life ($500 Lifetime membership)

Marilyn M. Auer

Nancy Balcer

Cecile Cheng

Donald A. Cress

Al and Sally Ferguson

John E. Holland

Konrad K. Kuchenbach

Sandy Laedtke

Robb and Sally Marks

Guy and Mary Jo McDonald

David A. Paris

Jamshed and Deborah Patel

Judy Perkins and Dave Keen

Mickey and Casey Ripp

Ruth Schudson

Carol and Kevin Schuele

Ron and Sandy Roller

C. Michael Wright and Ray Jivoff

Angel ($100-499)

Donna and Don Baumgartner

Pat and Jerry Groth

Pamela Frautschi and Richard Ippolito

Kathleen Ryan Johnston

Donna Jordahl

Ken and Maggie Lukow

George and Julie Mosher

Theresa and Robert Muselman

Nancy Tawney

Benefactor ($50-99)

Pat and Tony Busalacchi

Janey and Marlowe Nortorm

Mary S. Pollock

Howard and Jane Zeft

Member/Couple ($25-49)

Karen Aaron

George Affeldt

Judy Anderson

Dennis and Barbara

Barbie and Mort Blutstein

Jill and Frits Broekhuizen

Pat and Phil Crump

Amy Geyser

Mary Anne Gross

Linda Gaalaas and George Gurria

Bett Jacquart

Nancy Kaump

Vera Kolb

Michael and Shirley Mosessom

Janet and Marlowe Nortrom

Jane O'Connell

Elaine Peterson

Pat and Allen Rieselbach

Barb Haig and Dan Schley

Imy Schley

Carole Schmeda

Elaine Schmeda

Richard Stefanik

Mary M. Wegner