Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

Chamber's "Deathtrap" gets caught in its own trap of twists and turns

Saturday, August 12, 2017

by Gwen Rice, OnMilwaukee

The author of the novels ROSEMARY'S BABY, A KISS BEFORE DYING and THE STEPFORD WIVES, his terrifying novels are filled with satanic possession, ruthless murders and zombie-making brainwashing. But in his play DEATHTRAP, Levin proves he also knows how to scare theater audiences - at least once in awhile. In Milwaukee Chamber Theatre's current production of the meta comedy/thriller, the strong actors at the center of the show will make you jump, even if the story itself doesn't keep you white-knckled at the edge of your seat for the whole night.

The set up could easily have come from the author's own nightmares. The main character in DEATHTRAP is a formerly successful playwright who's hit a career slump, compounded by every scribe's ultimate demon: writer's block. He begins the show complaining bitterly about a brilliant new play written by one of his former students, a surefire hit that's written in his own murder mystery style.

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