Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

MCT stunningly opens murder-mystery season

Thursday, August 17, 2017

by Julie McHale

MILWAUKEE - Most people love a good murder mystery. Certain ones stand out as classics. Who can forget SLEUTH or DIAL M FOR MURDER or WAIT UNTIL DARK? Agatha Christie alone has written many masterpieces. In them we see the limits to which some will go to gain revenge or profit or even notoriety, and we are intrigued at their ingenuity and also admire the persistence of those who work to uncover the crimes.

DEATHTRAP, the season opener at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre for its chosen theme for 2017-18, the Mysteries of Life, certainly provides a stunning beginning. Its breathtaking set design and array of props (Arnel Sancianco and Nikki Kulas) and its realistic sound and lighting designs (Grover Hollway and Alexander Ridgers) all contribute to the final result - a fascinating mix of horror and humor.

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