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A letter from C. Michael Wright

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dear theatre-lover,

It suddenly occurred to me what a lucky guy I am!

I'm about to direct two incredible scripts back-to-back here at MCT that are as different as night and day!

The first is a realistic drama that was written in 2010 about an actual incident in 1960; the second is a madcap comedy that was written in 1985, but takes place in 1934.

The action of the first play all occurs in a rural Appalachian home during ninety tense minutes of real time. It's a true slice of life story. The second play takes place in a swanky, art deco hotel suite in Cleveland, Ohio, over the course of twelve action-packed hours. It's a classic farce.

First up is OCTOBER, BEFORE I WAS BORN by Lori Matthews, a loosely autobiographical play, following three family members as they await the outcome of an explosion at the nearby Tennessee Eastman Company. Lori was born in Kingsport, Tennessee, but we're fortunate that she now resides in Stoughton, Wisconsin. And we're extremely proud to have been instrumental in the development of thisscript and to be presenting theMidwest premiere.

Immediately following that, I jump right into Ken Ludwig's LEND ME A TENOR. With a cast of eight wacky, passionate, dressed-to-the-nines characters and six slamming doors, it's sure to be nonstop fun! (For all of us!) This production will also be a collaboration with the wonderful folks at Marquette University, involving a number of students and alumni, as we continue our commitment to nurture the next generation of theatre artists.

To add to all of this, I get to stage these shows in two strikingly distinct venues at the Broadway Theatre Center. OCTOBER, BEFORE I WAS BORN will be offered in the intimate Studio Theatre, where you can see every bead of sweat and hear every intake of breath! LEND ME A TENOR will be presented in the elegant Cabot Theatre, the ideal environment for a comedy about the opera world!

The bottom line is I'm eagerly anticipating diving into both projects! I consider one a hearty entrée (like a good home-made meatloaf platter!) and the other a tasty dessert. (No, make that a full dessert buffet!)

I must say the next few months are looking rather delicious to me! I hope you'll consider joining me for the whole feast - or at least dropping by for a bite!

You might end up feeling pretty darn lucky yourself!


C. Michael Wright
Producing Artistic Director

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